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Have a question? Call 613-822-8668
Have a question? Call 613-822-8668
Rideau Carleton Casino

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1.     Players are prohibited from discussing any hand in play.

2.     Management reserves the right to make decisions which are as fair and equitable as possible.  Therefore, under extreme circumstances, management may decide to award a pot or decision to a player clearly entitled to it in the spirit of the rule rather than using the literal interpretation.

3.     ENGLISH is the only acceptable language that may be spoken at the table while a hand is in play.

4.     A verbal statement is binding for the player whose turn it is to act.

5.     An action out of turn is binding unless the action to that player is subsequently changed by a bet or raise.

6.     Table changes and seat changes must occur immediately.  No seat changes will be permitted on tables with less than 5 players.

7.     Each player is responsible for protecting their own hand.

8.     Missing two big blinds will result in a forfeiture of that player’s seat.

9.     Players must be seated while participating in a hand.

10.  Players are responsible for exposing their own cards at the showdown.

11.  “Show one, show all.”  If a player shows one or both of their cards to another player at the table, that player must show their cards to everyone at the table.

12.  Each player’s chips must remain on the table and in plain view of the dealer and other players at all times.

13.  The “Third Man Walking” rule will be strictly enforced.  This means if two players are absent from the table, the third player who leaves the table will forfeit their seat as soon as their first big blind has been missed.

14.  Rabbit hunting is not permitted.  In addition, players and dealers are prohibited from looking through the discard pile at any time.

15.  Cell phones or electronic devices may be placed on the rail, but are not permitted on the layout.

16.  The use of cell phones or electronic devices is strictly prohibited while a player engaged in a live hand.  Such devices may be used at the table while a player is not in action.

17.  The house is not responsible for chips left on the table by an absent player. 

18.  Management reserves the right to prohibit any two players from sitting on the same game.

19.  Any deviation from acceptable behaviour, abuse towards a staff member or another player, or blatant damage to cards or equipment will result in immediate action up to and including expulsion from the casino.

20.  Management decisions are final.

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