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Save the Planet

“Save the Planet” has been at the forefront of Hard Rock International’s efforts long before environmental conservation gained widespread support. The company’s pioneering mission to give back – both on a global basis and by involvement in smaller community projects – has not only served as a catalyst for fundraising but has also significantly enhanced the corporate profile of charitable work.

To further our mission, we have established a Save the Planet Committee dedicated to organizing environmental community clean-ups and promoting greater awareness among our Team Members and the community. We are implementing smarter practices to reduce our carbon footprint, particularly during the construction phase of our new Hotel and Casino. Our efforts include a significant reduction in plastic usage, amounting to nearly 85% from our food and beverage outlets. Furthermore, we have implemented proper waste segregation and disposal methods, focusing on the biodiversity of organic waste by providing it as feed for local farmers' animals. Our facility actively participates in a wide range of causes, such as annual Earth Day events, community clean-ups, and supporting GeesBees with Hard Rock Honeybees. We also contribute by providing meals to those in need. As we continue to evolve and adopt more sustainable practices, we aim to forge closer partnerships with our community, working together to build a better tomorrow.



Rideau Carleton Casino, Future Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Ottawa, is working to conserve our local ecosystem by introducing our own Honey Bee Apiary with the help of Gees Bees. This honey is harvested from our 2 hives at the center of our 500-acre property which attracts over 160,000 bees. This will be our 3rd year and so far, and to date we have produced over 500 bottles of Wildflower Honey that is sold at our food and beverage outlets and used in our desserts. If you would like to support this initiative, you can buy our honey at any of our food and beverage outlets.


This year, our band has come together for four different community clean-ups including Brewer Park, A.Y. Jackson Park, Black Rapids Creek, and our surrounding land. We are also proud to take part in the Cleaning the Capital Program for the 2nd year. Our hope is to encourage others to take part in community initiatives to save the planet and minimize plastic and waste in Ottawa’s community.


Did you know Canadians alone consume approximately 2.5 billion litres of bottled water which result in 10,000 tonnes of plastics entering the Great Lakes every year? To help with this issue, we’ve installed water coolers in every wing of our casino and each staff member was given a reusable Save the Planet water bottle. Our goal is to minimize the amount of single-use plastics and in turn lower the amount of plastic bottles that end up in our Great Lakes every year. 


Here at Rideau Carleton Casino, Future Hard Rock Ottawa, we take pride participating in annual Earth Hour and Earth Day campaigns. During Earth Hour, we actively contribute by turning off non-essential lights in our casino, thereby reducing our energy consumption. Similarly, Earth Day holds great significance for us as we engage our Team Members in community cleanup activities and raise awareness about the vital importance of environmental protection. Additionally, we collect donations for conservative foundations that work towards safeguarding our wildlife and preserving our environment.   


Philanthropy is one of the cornerstones of Hard Rock International and we are proud to be a part of this. We aim to give back to our community in every way we can. This year (as of July 2023), we have donated over $70,500 to a variety of local charities. Our Team Members have also volunteered to help in various ways such as making meals for the homeless, food drives, women’s shelter drives, and more. See all our partners.


Our food and beverage outlets are a huge component to our Save the Planet initiatives. We have transitioned to using compostable flatware and lessen plastic use by 80%. 


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